If you feel overwhelmed by everyday life, if stress at work or with your colleagues is gnawing at your health, fears are determining your life, or you feel like you are at a dead end - then it’s time to get help.

Regain the freedom of your soul
with psychological counselling or psychotherapy

In my psychotherapy practice in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt, I will help you identify why you are feeling down, develop coping strategies, and instigate changes.

Take the first step and arrange a consultation appointment. A few sessions often suffice to move on to a brighter future. For clients who feel less at home in German, I also offer counselling in English and French.

The focus of my work as a natural health professional / medical practitioner for psychotherapy and psychological consultant:

Anxieties and compulsions

Cast off compulsions, tackle your fears and experience more fun and levity.
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Leave the dark tunnel and finally see the light at the end.
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Physical-seeming ailments

Find an explanation for your suffering and leave your pain behind.
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Adult and children’s traumas

Something traumatising resurfaces and you feel the urge to talk about it so you can understand it and let it go, thus regaining your quality of life. As a parent, you wish to help your child after a shock.
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Psychological stress at the workplace

Become less dependent on the judgment of others, act more confidently and be more self-contained.
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Other challenges

Of course, I am also able to provide competent support if you are facing other challenges. My education and further training cover the entire psychotherapeutic spectrum.

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Nadine Ladier
Member of VFP (Association of Free Psychotherapists, Natural Health Professionals / Medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy and Psychological Counsellor e.V.)

Proven methods of psychotherapy

I work primarily with systemic therapy, aspects of behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction MBSR, and body psychotherapy. All the methods have been researched in depth in scientific studies and their effectiveness is well-documented.  If required, I combine the methods individually in your therapy to consider the problem from different perspectives and work with varying approaches on a solution.
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Fees for psychotherapy and psychological counselling

My fees: I charge € 125.- for 90 minutes. Private healthcare companies usually reimburse the cost of treatment as long as this is covered in the insurance tariff. Statutory health insurance companies only take over the costs in exceptional cases or with supplementary insurance. However, there can be advantages for self-payers:

  • There is no waiting time before treatment begins

  • No laborious expert assessment is required for fee reimbursement

  • The health insurance company can't determine the duration of the therapy

  • We are independent regarding the selection of treatment methods

  • The treatment is not registered and anonymity is guaranteed

  • Under certain circumstances, the costs for therapy are tax deductible

Special conditions for trial appointment: Take advantage of my offer for an one-hour initial consultation on preferential terms. You get to know me personally and can decide if you would like to continue working with me.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Please give me a call or send me a message if you would like more information on me and my work as a Medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy or to arrange an appointment. 

You can reach me by phone from Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm at 01573 - 408 0012.

You are also welcome to send me an email or use my free call-back service.